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About Stawi Foods

Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited is a Kenyan-based consumer packaged goods company specializing in providing nutritious and great tasting composite porridge flour blends to Kenyan families. Our products are precooked, convenient, safe and affordable.
Stawi LTDs’ business began with processing bananas into flour. It evolved to processing various pre-cooked porridge flour blends, which incorporate multiple grains, including sorghum as substrates, to our expanded market offering. The company, which commenced operations in 2012, is located in Nairobi’s Roysambu area, from where it mills, packages and distributes its porridge flour products. Founded by Eric Muthomi, a young Kenyan entrepreneur who had the vision to create an enterprise that not only contributes towards the development of Kenya’s smallholder farmers, Stawi LTD also provides quality, nutritious foods to the general public at an affordable price.
Mission: Stawi’s mission is to process highly nutritious food products using locally sourced inputs and available in ready to eat or easy to prepare forms.
Vision: Our vision is to be a leading provider of nutritious processed foods in Kenya and other African countries and a meaningful direct and indirect employer in Kenya.

Our Brands


Stawi Family

A precooked sorghum-based porridge flour mix that is formulated to cater for the overall family’s nutritional requirements and lactating mothers.


Stawi Junior

A pre-cooked sorghum based porridge flour mix that is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and energy formulated for infants and children.

Our Services



Stawi runs an incubation programme in which startups are housed within the organization for a maximum period of 6 months. The startups learn how to process new food products and business know-how from experienced entrepreneurs within the Stawi network. Incubation services are offered on first come first served basis; In house incubation is strictly pegged on availability of space. Majority of Stawi’s incubates are female-led startups that are processing new food products to address nutrition and food security challenges in Kenya.

Common manufacturing facilities

Stawi LTDs’ reputation as a high-quality food processor has been recognized by leading brands and retailers across the country and the Eastern Africa region. Stawi has gotten endorsements supported by contracts for supply under private label with Nakumatt Holdings Limited and Living Goods. The company envisions further growth under similar brand partnerships.

Common Manufacturing Facilities

Common manufacturing facilities are offered in the following areas:
We offer Drying of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices

Extrusion technology

We offer Pre cleaning and destoning of cereals eg Sorghum

Flour Milling






Meet the team

Our amazing staff is the real reason our customers love us!

Eric Muthomi

Founder and CEO
Africa’s farmers and agribusinesses could create a trillion-dollar food market by 2030 if they can expand their access to more capital, electricity, better technology and irrigated land to grow high-value nutritious foods. Eric believes that by capturing this trillion-dollar food market, Africa will be able to feed itself and the rest of the world. As a local founder of Stawi Foods, Eric has deep operating experience in local ecosystems and long-term incentives to drive successful and sustainable growth in Kenya and Africa.

Sangu Delle

Board chair
Sangu is CEO of Africa Health Holdings, an innovative company based in West Africa, focused on "building Africa's healthcare future." He also serves as Chairman of Golden Palm Investments Corporation ("GPI"); an investment holding company focused on building world class technology companies in Africa. GPI has backed startups such as Andela, mPharma and Flutterwave, GPI portfolio companies have raised over $900 million in venture financing.

Lenin Nyakinya

Chief Agronomist and M&E Expert
Lenin is an expert agronomist and agricultural technologist with a high level of experience in agronomic service delivery with over 7 years in active service in Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Systems. Mr. Lenin has been involved in the sustainable development of the agriculture industry for over the last 7 years, from the early days of yield and production manual monitoring to today’s predictive data and agri-technology. Having worked in South Africa, he has developed a well-rounded background that spans across technology, agronomy, farm management, and software development, pushing new ideas and concepts to work to help feed the world more efficiently.

Dorcas Mumbe

Agronomist and Stawi’s environmentalist champion
Dorcas is an environmentalist by profession with a deep passion for saving the planet. She is keen to see farmers use climate smart agricultural practices to grow food sustainably while conserving the planet. Her experience is both in private and public sector, having worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya. Dorcas has excellent communication and social skills which has helped Stawi in impacting local communities by building trust with smallholder farmers in rural areas. Dorcas is aiming at becoming a great leader who will champion for youth involvement in decision making and also in making society a better place.

Purity Musenya

Purity has over 10 years’ experience in agribusiness, nutrition and community-led development. She has worked as a trainer on value addition of fruits and vegetables and on agri nutrition. Purity is also an entrepreneur with a mango juice processing business that sources mangoes from local farmers and processes juice which is distributed in Kitui, Kenya.


Stawi’s measures its impact in these main buckets:

Number of meals distributed


Number of employees hired


Number of children reached


Number of farmers reached


More specifically, Stawi is working to achieve these impact points:

  • Provision of higher yielding improved and drought tolerant sorghum seed varieties to 5,000 smallholder farmers to boost productivity.
  • Access to climate smart inputs/services such as organic fertilizer, soil testing services, soil conditioners and climate smart practices such as mulching, cover crops, rotational planting/farming and post-harvest handling care.
  • Increased yield of sorghum from 500 kg per acre to 8- 15 tonnes per acre for each season. It is important to note that many farmers grow sorghum with other crops such as maize, cowpeas, beans and pigeon peas. The business case will strive to incentivise farmers to grow sorghum on 70% of their farms.
  • Offer value added services across the value chain by partnering with financial services providers to facilitate access to seed (input) loans, working capital for micro distributors and access to financial services such as insurance. Our embedded service model will also provide weather information to farmers through ICT-based mechanisms.
  • Creation of direct links between farmers and input providers to reduce input prices and ensure no counterfeiting by unscrupulous traders.
  • 300% per annum increase in sorghum yields over five years

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